The Founder

Alberto Narduzzi

Born in Venice during the Swingin' Sixties, Alberto Narduzzi has photography as part of his family DNA. His uncle Renzo was a very famous and appreciated photographer among the venetian artistic community, as well as very well known by the artists of the Biennale and Venice Film Festival. Alberto moved the first steps of his professional career inside his uncle's studio, the famous Fotorenard of San Polo.

According to the most genuine venetian spirit, Alberto has always been a passionate explorer, traveling around the globe and diving as an underwater speleologist. After nearly three decades of photography, prestigious collaborations, both international and personal awards, his spirit of exploration led him to the decision of transforming his personal interest in moving images to the benefit of his professional career.

New shooting technologies and the possibilities offered by the new social networks made film-making, storytelling and production available to a large number of companies around the world. Alberto is known both for his technical skills behind the camera and for his easy-going demeanor and ability to adapt to each different clients' need and styles. His ability to move and operate across multi-disciplinary fields, his experience and achievements mark him out as an extremely qualified professional, able to carry out both small and large creative projects.

Under the lead of Alberto, who has been in this business since 1985, the Alberto Narduzzi Produzioni studio, in order to maximize the quality of its storytelling, has recently successfully expanded its range of services provided, thanks to the employment of some young and very passionate workers, each of which is highly qualified in a specific field, who are able to fully support Alberto during his work, whether it concerns photography or video-making.

Like in a typical italian artisanal shop, where you can find the best of what you are looking as far as quality, taste, emotional design and love for life is concerned, within Alberto's staff you can find a passionate producer, the editor that got the best score in his class, a highly careful script supervisor or an utterly qualified director of photography.

Alberto recently shot TV and print campaigns for Trentino Marketing, Fassa Bortolo, Lumberjack, the new Proraso 2017 campaign, Vegetallumina, Maserati, Karizia SPA, Technogym, he shot some portraits for Numéro Magazine and worked also with The Wall Street Journal, for which he handled photography, direction, DOP and production.