Alberto Narduzzi Produzioni:
Service we provide

Creative consultation

Here at “Alberto Narduzzi Produzioni” we love to tell stories, but most of all, we like to focus on the way they're told. In order to do so we need to follow a 360° process that starts from a simple idea and leads to a complex story, able to depict everything our clients want to tell about them or their products. The process of developing an idea is a fundamental part in our job and we know it extremely well, that's why we love to work alongside our clients and we always provide a professional consultation service to be sure we realize exactly what our customers request, using our photographic and videographic skills in order to make sure everything is done in the best way possible.
Together with you we develop the best strategy to simplify all the work and optimize duration and cost of the process.

Enhance your work

Nothing is able to stimulate people's curiosity better than the sense of sight, so, nowadays that everything is shared on the net and read very quickly, is really important to be able to count on a solid and effective advertising through visual communication. Thanks to its pluriannual experience, developed on both national and international field, “Alberto Narduzzi Produzioni” has the necessary skills to provide a vanguard multimedia communication service that can satisfy every type of client, irrespective of the commercial field typology. We avail ourselves of the most modern and effective media contents to be able to reach out to every type of audience and then we plan the production process alongside our clients. Precision and attention to details are two of the main features of our way of working, since we strongly believe that nothing makes a better impression than a detailed, well-done professional job, especially if we want to succeed in the difficult, but fundamental, job to intrigue and earn the trust of the people to whom the job is addressed. Every product has an interesting story behind it, we are here to help you tell it the way good stories are supposed to be told.

Let us tell your story

Multimedia communication, beside being extremely effective, has the advantage of being adaptable to a large number of file formats, each of which is supplied by Alberto Narduzzi Produzioni SRL. In addition to the usual photographic and videographic file formats, we are able to provide a large number of other services, such as TV and WEB advertising campaigns, research and composition of music for an original soundtrack, Facebook live streaming, startup of a professional social network profile (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest ecc.), storytelling campaigns with the usage of animated GIFs, film editing, color correction, Time-Lapses, CGI animations, filming with the use of a flying drone, professional translation service and dubbing. All of our work is made with professional validated equipment that we own. Just tell us what you would like to tell, we will do the rest.