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storytelling / image-telling

Series formed of three or more videos with two or three characters interacting in one setting, or one engaging story planned on an ad-hoc basis. Effective at communicating a message linked to a brand, product or service and a break from traditional TV advertisements. Recommended for consolidated brands wishing to refresh their image.

promotional videos

We plan video-shoots with extra creative input in the form of a story, teaser or unexpected final twist, all expressly designed for television broadcast. We are able to produce high-quality videos promoting brands, products and services for distribution via television and the internet.

LignoAlp Spot Casa Riga
LignoAlp Spot Casa Riga
Credits Alberto Narduzzi Produzioni srl Regia e DoP Alberto Narduzzi Camera, Editing e Sound Design Roberto Carraretto Intervista a Omar Bernardi, committente di LignoAlp
LignoAlp Spot Hotel Edenselva
Credits Alberto Narduzzi Produzioni srl Regia e DoP Alberto Narduzzi Camera e Editing Roberto Carraretto Sound Design Roberto Carraretto Intervista a Paolo De Martin, architetto Intervista a Roland Demetz, committente di LignoAlp

corporate videos

We plan video-shoots that can convey the history and philosophy of a company, demonstrate the design and function of a product or service, create a top-quality corporate presentation or document an important company event.

Proraso Spot 30
Proraso Spot 30"
Spot Proraso Agenzia White, Red & Green Creative Director - Director Michele Moscon Producer Anna De Biasi Editing Andrea Moro Music and sound design Bottegadelsuono DOP - Director Alberto Narduzzi


High-quality photographic campaigns characterised by meticulous planning from the selection of models and locations right through to the production phase using formats that comply with the distribution platform chosen by the client, such as daily newspapers, catalogues, newsletters or the internet.

small companies

Videos created using montages of videos from our archive alongside quick content produced according to the needs of the client. This is suitable for conveying the mood and values of a brand or company, demonstrating the benefits of a product or service. This strategy enables us to cut costs relating to project and achieve the communication objective more quickly, even when working with a smaller budget.

artistic tutorials

Videos illustrating the detail of a product or service, usually with voiceover narration. The content is described in an engaging way, focusing on the artistic perspective and the beauty of the content.

social networks

Mini video-clips of 30, 15 or seven seconds in length that describe a brand’s core values or the key characteristics of a product. Suitable for creating a body of content perfect for web-based distribution while ensuring quick, low-cost production. Can be adapted to suit the most popular social media platforms and cover a host of topics (food, travel, pets, fashion, tech, cinema, industrial etc.), while influencers may also be used for specific areas.


We work with first-rate translators, localisers, directors and dubbing artists to bring out the true essence of a product. All areas of dubbing and voiceovers are overseen with the greatest attention.

drone service

Professional drone service with two pilots. From the small Mavic drone to the Hexacopter, able to lift 45kg of weight.
Due to the increasing demand of drone shots, for most of our projects we rely on a team of professional drone pilots, who arrive on set with their own geared van and professional drones in different sizes, in order to be able to shoot the right shot at the right moment. Every shot made using a drone is always performed respecting the highest standards of security.