Alberto Narduzzi

founder and chief creative director

Born in Venice during the Swingin’ Sixties, Alberto Narduzzi has photography as part of his family DNA. His uncle Renzo was a very famous and appreciated photographer among the venetian artistic community, as well as very well known by the artists of the Biennale and Venice Film Festival. Alberto moved the first steps of his professional career inside his uncle’s studio, the famous Fotorenard of San Polo.

According to the most genuine venetian spirit, Alberto has always been a passionate explorer, traveling around the globe and diving as an underwater speleologist. After nearly three decades of photography, prestigious collaborations, both international and personal awards, his spirit of exploration led him to the decision of transforming his personal interest in moving images to the benefit of his professional career.

New shooting technologies and the possibilities offered by the new social networks made film-making, storytelling and production available to a large number of companies around the world. Alberto is known both for his technical skills behind the camera and for his easy-going demeanor and ability to adapt to each different clients’ need and styles. His ability to move and operate across multi-disciplinary fields, his experience and achievements mark him out as an extremely qualified professional, able to carry out both small and large creative projects.

Alberto recently shot TV and print campaigns for Trentino Marketing, Technogym, Lumberjack, Fassa Bortolo, Proraso, Vegetallumina, Maserati, Karizia SPA, he shot some portraits for Numéro Magazine and worked also with The Wall Street Journal, for which he handled photography, direction, DOP and production.

The Team

Together since 1985

Roberto Carraretto

film editor and visual effects

Roberto was born the 3rd of December 1991 in Treviso, where he spent his childhood playing with his friends and cultivating his big passion for football, a passion that he still has nowadays. During the adolescence he decided that he wanted to study accounting and he attended ITIS Riccati in Treviso, passing all the classes and obtaining his diploma with some amazing grades. At least that's what he says. Once high school time is over, Roberto decided to follow another big passion of his : Editing and Video-making. He took his chances and started attending a six months-long professional ...


Erica Narduzzi

script supervisor and executive producer assistant

Erica Narduzzi, Alberto's daughter and the oldest of three Narduzzi siblings, was born on the 21st of November 1991 in Dolo, near Venice, but during the first years of his life she moved to Treviso with her parents and her little brother Alvise. She immediately showed a big passion for art, so, as soon as she finished mandatory school she decided to attend the Arts High School of Treviso, which gave her an artistic education. After changing different courses of study and attending various private art courses, she undertook her first working experience at Pier SPA at the ...


Alvise Narduzzi


Born the 6th of August 1995 in Dolo, near Venice, Alvise is the middle brother of two other siblings, Erica, the oldest, Lorenzo, the youngest and of course, in case this wasn't obvious enough, Alberto Narduzzi's son. Alvise moved to Treviso with his parents when he was not more than a couple years old or earlier and there he spent all his childhood, hanging around with schoolmates and friends and developing a huge passion for videogames, snowboarding and 90's hip hop and funky music. When old enough, he decided to attend the Antonio Canova High School focusing on ...


Elena Pacchielat

chief financial officer

Elena Pacchielat was born on the 28th of August 1976 in Trieste, from an italian father and a croatian mother. Raised in bilingualism and multiculturalism, she spent her childhood between her beloved croatian grandmother's house and the middle-european mood of Trieste, two realities of her life that will stick with her for the rest of her life, influencing her lifestyle and way of working. After the end of mandatory school, time during which she developed her knowledge of english, french and croatian, she found her way in political science and she began attending the poli-sci faculty of Università ...